Don't Shoot

Part of the commissioned series of poems on race, representation and fashion for Ace Hotel Shoreditch. You can find the full series here


       A wrong for our fan base

                                                   A swagger

A not in line with our vision

                                       A wrong face for this side of town

         An, OK, but just one

                                   A seasonal disaster

An ‘act ghetto’

An up to no good

        An accessory

                                         A hoody

      A hold on to your wallet

                                               A siren song

A ‘grab her around the waist’

                                               A ‘put your hands where I can see them’

        A ‘growl to camera’

A hunting

           A once you go Black…

                                      A strange fruit

         A body hard

                                     A body limp

       A sharp focus

A cocked gun

                A skewered light

                            A savage must be contained

A savage must be contained

                                                A frame

An aim


                             An unfinished masterpiece


Don’t shoot

Don’t shoot

Don’t shoot