BAC Artist as Activist Scratch night - 3-5 December

bac scratchSo I am performing at the BAC Artist as Activist Scratch night as part of the emerging artists programme I have been a part of for the past 10 weeks. It has been such a privilege to meet and work so many interesting artists-  a definite eye opener. I had many ideas for new work, but I decided to work on something which feels predominately personal, but which is, by default, political. It feels like a subtle shift in the kinds of work i might usually do.

So, I have developed the beginnings a piece about the representation of black women- how they fluctuate from being hyper-visible and hyper sexual - often music, film and other sources of entertainment - to being underrepresented and invisible- in spheres of respectability- politics, business and other sphere of respectability. How do ordinary women navigate through these two extremes?

I'll be performing the work I've done so far at the scratch night on 4-5 December at 7pm and 8.45pm respectively, it would be lovely to see you there. For further details, click here