9 Original Poems on Climate Change by the RSA

9-original-poems-on-climate-change-coverAs part of the event, The Point is to feel it: A Night Creative Responses to Climate Change, the RSA have published a collection of poems from the night which features my poem, 'We have Everything we Need' alongside the work of others, including poems from Alice Oswald, Ruth Padel, George the Poet, Simon Barraclough, John Agard, Grace Nichols and Tom Chivers. Check out the full collection here

Home is a Hostile Lover

Here is a my poem, recorded as a part of the Silence would be Treason event. The poem itself was written as a part Climate Change Kwansabas with Sai Murray and Zena Edwards in connection with Free Word.


This was beautifully filmed by the talented Onysha D Collins. Also check out the lovely write up from Jane Trowell of Platform which has videos of the the other poems I recorded for this event there too.

The quote she uses as an intro is fast becoming my favourite:

"We are not idealists. We know that art alone does not make the revolution.But we are not fools. We know that revolution is impossible without the art"

                                - Frente Popular, Dario Santillan


The Point is to Feel it: A Night of Creative Responses to Climate Change

I was commissioned to write a poem and record a video for an event at the RSA which looked at creative responses to climate change. When many of us know about climate change on a factual basis, how might we feel it? and in feeling it, how might we react and have more empathy? On the night, my video was featured alongside a variety of poets such as Alice Oswald, Ruth Padel, George the Poet, Simon Barraclough, John Agard, Grace Nichols and Tom Chivers.

You can watch this below



Performing at Glastonbury

Glasto-LogoYeah GLASTO! Really looking forward to this. I'll be doing several things at this festival. Firstly, I'll be performing Poetry Can F*ck Off as part of our ongoing tour.

We'll be performing on 28 June, 11am in the Circus and Theatre field in the glorious Astrolabe theatre. We'll also be doing a few roving gigs around the festival.

I'll also be performing as part of the Rabble Rousers, a political satirical bunch of poets, led by Danny Chivers in the Green Futures Field.

Alongside Danny, I'll be performing with Glastonbury poet in residence, Pete the Temp and Merrick.

We'll be performing  on 26 June, 5.30pm Toad Hall stage and 28 June, 5pm on the Speakers Forum stage.

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket, please come along!

Climate Change Kwansabas- poetry on race & climate justice

My poem written in collaboration with Zena Edwards and Sai Murray has been published in Weatherfronts: Climate Change and the stories we tell, a collection of poetry commissioned by the Freeword centre and Tipping Point. Other poets include Sarah ButlerNick HuntStevie RonnieDan Simpson. Our piece, Climate Change Kwansabas focused on the links between race and climate injustice.

We performed at the launch event on 26 January at the Freeword centre as well as took part in a panel discussion where we talked about the role of writing, poetry in tackling climate change.

A PDF of the collection can be found here.

You can also listen to some of the discussions we had on the night below

BAC Artist as Activist Scratch night - 3-5 December

bac scratchSo I am performing at the BAC Artist as Activist Scratch night as part of the emerging artists programme I have been a part of for the past 10 weeks. It has been such a privilege to meet and work so many interesting artists-  a definite eye opener. I had many ideas for new work, but I decided to work on something which feels predominately personal, but which is, by default, political. It feels like a subtle shift in the kinds of work i might usually do.

So, I have developed the beginnings a piece about the representation of black women- how they fluctuate from being hyper-visible and hyper sexual - often music, film and other sources of entertainment - to being underrepresented and invisible- in spheres of respectability- politics, business and other sphere of respectability. How do ordinary women navigate through these two extremes?

I'll be performing the work I've done so far at the scratch night on 4-5 December at 7pm and 8.45pm respectively, it would be lovely to see you there. For further details, click here

Separatism in Feminism Today- A Panel Event by HYSTERIA

hsy As part of SOAS black history month, I spoke on a panel about separatism within the feminist movement with academic Victoria Showunmi and Madeleine Stack. Hosted by HYSTERIA and Wolf Whistled North, it was a great event with some really interesting debates. The starting point to our talk was really interesting so i thought I would share

Historically political movements has often benefitted from separating self-identifying 'groups' of activists from one another in order to create a united front of solidarity and shared experience: First and second wave feminism, the civil rights movement, the gay movement etc. But in this 'Us' and 'Them' approach there are always liminal spaces that are excluded, marginalised and left behind in a movement: women of colour in first, second and arguably third wave feminism, women and queer people in the civil rights movement, trans people in the gay movement. We have been fighting for gender equality, sexual empowerment and the devolution of patriarchal capitalism for over 100 years now - is it time to drop our barriers for a fully inclusive feminism? Or are 'safe-spaces' in which we can find our similarities, take strength from common struggles and fight within our self-defined factions still a necessary tool for feminism?

Battersea Arts Centre- Emerging Artist programme

bacI've been selected to be part of an artist development programme at the BAC as part of their Homegrown programme. It's a 10 week course exploring the theme of the artist as an activist- music to my ears! Over the next ten weeks, 20 artists of many disciplines will be mentored by artists such as Scottee, the Vacuum Cleaner, Selina Thompson and Nic Green.

The programme will culminate in a scratch night of our work. I love the BAC and the work they do so I'm really looking forward to this. Will share details of the scratch night event closer to the time

Remembering Home at the Story Museum, 2 October

oxfordpoetryHello Oxford Folk, fancy an evening of poetry? For national poetry day, I'll be performing at 18.00 at the Story Museum in Oxford with the Emma Press. I'll be reading from the Home and Exile anthology alongside Holly Hopkins, Anja Konig and Stephen Sexton

Later on, the ever brilliant Kate Tempest will be performing Modern Art, Oxford at 20.00, all of which you can experience for only £10. A poetry bargain if ever I heard one.

Click here for further details.

Emma Press: Homesickness and Exile poetry anthology

tristia-cover-thumbHome can be such a loaded term, can't it? Well, Emma Press has decided to explore this and more in their Homesickness and Exile poetry anthology which is out on 18 September. My poems Before and Homecoming are in the collection. I'll be performing at the launch on 15 September at the lovely Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall, 19.00-22.00

There will so be readings from Alex Bell, James Coghill, Ellie Danak, Cath Drake, John Froy, Charlotte Higgins, Holly Hopkins, Gill Learner, John McCullough, Cheryl Moskowitz,  Rachel Piercey, Vili Skarlopoulou and James Trevelyan, who all feature in the anthology